Chronic Pain Cards for Discussing Pain

  • $20.00

These cards are printed with the intention to help other chronic pain sufferers be able to communicate the severity of their pain in a much more concise way.

Front side is a pain scale for when you or your loved one needs help communicating the severity of the pain. The back shows a quick explanation of taking that chronic pain seriously. 

Tell the doctor, the friend, the family member, even when you're in too much pain to do more than point what level your pain is in. Empower easier communication with this tool. Even when pain is a background annoyance, it still often makes it difficult to even articulate pain levels. Two-sided cards. You can give them out when explaining them, or get a smaller pack and circle your pain when that's all you can communicate.

Printed with a Matte finish for durability on 16 PT thick stock. Standard Business Card Size.