Meet Our Artists and Designers

Zan Edison bio picture with her hand paintedZan drawing in her notebook

Zan Edson

Zan Edson's art is inspired by changing states and natural forms, particularly trees and animals. She enjoys creating in a variety of mediums. Sculpture in clay, sand and snow, painting on canvas and on the human canvas (bodypainting) and illustration are some of her favorite means of expressing herself. She is excited to be creating designs for Natural Lynx! You can see her work online at

Learn more about Zan by clicking on her link here.



Kindra Tia Haugen Photo

Kindra Tia Haugen

A concept artist and illustrator who's worked in both the games and comics industries, Kindra has a fascinating way of bringing her imagination to life in the world around her. Explore her concept of Sigils for blessings in life and her interested and interesting characters that seem to engage the viewer right off the page. Help her bring even more of her sigils to life by going to her Patreon or purchasing your favorite designs here in the store. 

Click this link for more about her art and her collection.


Sam Edson-Pasley

Line art, pen, music and more. The quiet urban Sam is growing his whimsical art style and collection. 

On Staff Artists/Collaborators

Sheena Hamilton and her cat GG

Sheena Marie Hamilton
"I started Natural Lynx with a passion for bringing together artists, entrepreneurs, and creative solutions. Photography and digital medias are something I love to explore and now I'm sharing my own perspectives and view with you."



Tyler Todd

Tyler Todd
Tyler enjoys creating colorful and powerful imagery.  He works primarily in the realm of Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.

Robbie Barnabee

Robert Barnabee
Robbie is a free spirit whom brings a new set of whimsical to any moment. Noticing small things that make the world big and wondrous again.