About Us

I've often wondered why things are done the way they are.

Why can't we know the story of what we get? Why can't things be made without being part of a huge waste of resources? Why can't I enjoy quality, and buy without aiding things that don't sit right with me? 

Well, I believe that by working together, tying resources together, and talking, we can take care of those kinds of things. 

Natural Lynx is founded to bring a connection between artist, designer, inspiration, color, nature, and at the same time work for an ethical and sustainable way of business. 

At this moment, the product on our website is all done in collaboration with the artist, and all manufactured in the continental US. Many of the items are custom printed to your size when you order it to your own specifications. We believe in everyone having an option, in sizes being as varied as the people. So, if you don't see a solution to your need and want: tell us and we'll make it happen for you!

Because we all deserve to love ourselves, our wardrobe, our style, our health, and each other.  

I also believe in artist attribution and pay. So everything here pays the artist. 

Please look through our offerings of products and services. 


Payment Gateway: 

We have two payment gateways available, so if one is giving you an issue, please select the other. You can go straight to Paypal or the direct Checkout Button that will give you our store option of checkout. Either work great. 


We can ship Internationally. If you're having difficulty, just let us know. 

Contact us with questions!

We want to hear from you, tell us what you liked, tell us what you want, tell us your favorites, or just say hi! We answer our emails, contact forms, facebook messages, hit us up! 

Social Media Posting

Can you post things that you buy from us to your social? Please do! We're a small group, and social awareness and letting people know where you got this lovely art is part of our giving to the artists! We don't have a huge brand like one of the conglomerates, so every post and attribution helps! Talk about your favorite artists! Let us know your favorite designs! Tell us what you'd like to see more of!

Do we sell wholesale? 

We can offer some products and designs at a wholesale cost. Since most of this is digital printing, these direct items and designs won't have a huge margin and will require a minimum purchase to sell at wholesale.