Pets Now! Herbal Formula Supplements

A Pets Now! ™ product is more than a Tincture and more than an Extract – It’s a TincTract®!
What is a TincTract®?
A TincTract® is an herbal concentrate made from whole herbs. The TincTract® process (TINCture exTRACTion) is a multi-step process that uses modern scientiϐically-based manufacturing technologies to produce an extremely potent product that tastes good and works amazingly well. President and Founder of Cedar Bear Naturales™, LoR. Caarl Robinson, a clinical & formulary herbalist and nutritional therapist, developed the genuine TincTract® process over 25 years ago. Many of his TincTract® produced formulas for pets have been in use continuously for over 10 years, making Pets Now!™ products you can trust.

 What makes Pets Now!™ Liquid Herbal Concentrates so different from anything else?

Totally Natural!
• Tastes Sweet!
• Concentrated & Potent.
• Convenient & Easy To Use.
• Begins Working Immediately.
• Only Real Herbs Used.
• NO Preservatives Or Additives.
• NO Artiϐicial Ingredients Of Any Kind.
• NO Alcohol Is Ever Used.
• NO Refrigeration Needed.
• Kosher Certiϐied.

Directions: Directions given on labels are based on a pet that weighs from 8–35 lbs lbs. Adjust the amount given according to size and weight of pet. (Less for a smaller animal and more for a larger animal). Pets Now!™ formulas were developed for mammals. Birds and plant eating reptiles also do well on these formulas.

General Use Table for Pets Now!™ Formulas:
1/8 teaspoon = up to 8 lbs
1/4 teaspoon = 8–35 lbs
1/2 teaspoon = 35 + lbs

There’s nothing better than Pets Now!™ So, read on, and choose Pets Now! For your four footed fur kids!